Trouble with reloadCurrent Option

Hi, everyone.

I’m having trouble with the reload of a page from my app… Situation is:

On the routes.js file I have the route:

path: ‘/aut_editRequi/’,
url: ‘./pages/aut_editRequi.html’,
name: ‘aut_editRequi’,
on: {
pageBeforein: function(e, page){
// Some functions
pageInit: function(){
// Some functions
pageAfterIn: function(e, page){
// Some functions

On this page I have a checkbox filter on the right panel, and when I close the panel, I want the page to be reloaded, adding the aditional data from the checkboxes to the url. For that, I added the options ignoreCache: true and reloadCurrent: true.

panelRight.on(‘panelClose’, function () {
url: urlActual+’&andProveedor=’+aditionalData,
options: {
ignoreCache: true,
reloadCurrent: true,

As a result, the app navigates to the new URL, but adding it to the Browser History, creating a new one (and leaving me some additional issues because of the duplicated content, 'cause now I have 2 pages with the same skeleton)

I don’t need to create a new page… What I want is to reload the actual page (replace the ‘aut_editRequi’ page with the new one ‘aut_editRequi’ with the aditional data from the filters).

For me it seems that the reloadCurrent options is not working.

How could I fix that, or do it in a different way?


Solved it with KeepAlive:true using componentUrl with the latest version (6.0.4).