UI Initiative samples only for React?


Sorry to bother you again, but I just played with the examples of the UI Initiative project and while they work fine it is really hard to follow, because all of them seem to use .jsx components. I had no problems using/modifying extending those examples (to a certain extent), but for non-jsx people (at least me) it’s not easy to understand what’s going on under the hood…

Some of the examples there also state:

fully functional project created with Framework7 CLI (with Vite), with Framework7 Core version

But if I create a new project using F7 Cli (neither F7 Core, nor another framework) I am nowhere near the structure and code of the examples, which makes it really hard to follow how things are supposed to work.

This is not a general problem understanding .jsx, but there are things that just don’t work as expected (or just work differently than in plain JS): e.g. it seems I can’t use multi-line strings (or even raw HTML snippets - I know it can be dangerous, but it’s my own data) within those .jsx files (if loaded from the store or data.js)

Any hint with this? (I tried to find something on the Internet, but couldn’t)

(An example using F7 Core or F7 Vue would be really helpful here.)

If you talking about F7 Core Router Components, it has a thing similar to Vue’s v-html - innerHTML:

<div innerHTML={'<p>Hello world</p>'} />

Just ask me what is not clear, and I will help as I can.

I think you, as a Patron, should have access to our F7 discord, you can post your questions there or just directly PM me there

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