UIWebView safe area inset constants and env do not work in phonegap app

UIWebView safe area inset constants and env are not updated on rotation in apps made with phonegap.
1 question: is there an alternative method for setting safe areas with css?
2 which are the pixel values of the 4 safe-area-inset-

The only way I have tested and works is to replace constant (safe-area -…) and env (safe-area -…) with fixed values eg: safe-area-inset-left> 44px
The problem is that I can not find the pixel values of safe-area-inset- *

I’m a beginner and I hope I did not ask stupid questions. thanks to anyone who has a solution.

In portrait it is:
44 (top) - 0 (right) - 34 (bottom) - 0 left

In landscape it is:
0 (top) - 44 (right) - 21 (bottom) - 44 left

But make sure you are using latest Cordova version + you may try WKWebView instead of default one