Unable to create electron cordova app with framework7 cli and run it

hello everybody impossible to create electron app with framework7 cli…
and launch it with npm start or npm run dev…
i have try many many times… But it dont work…
Got error

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I have the same issue. Cannot create capacitor project via CLI


Based on the article, I’ve update NPM, Framework7-CLI and Framework7 in global.

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npm -v 6.14.10
framework7 --version 4.0.2

Then tried to install by running framework7 create --ui . Choose PWA and Capacitor and CORE. Progress stoped at Creating Capacitor project… tried many times.

:heavy_check_mark: Generating package.json
:heavy_check_mark: Creating required folders structure
:heavy_check_mark: Installing NPM Dependencies
:heavy_check_mark: Installing NPM Dev Dependencies
:heavy_check_mark: Executing NPM Scripts
Creating Capacitor project (Please wait, it can take a while)