Unable to enter the correct route

I access my page in the production environment (my address is xxx.com/index.html?param=xxx), I should access ‘/’ to enter the page ‘Auth’ when initializing, but it enters the 404 page.In order to get to the correct page, I have to add ‘#!/’ at the end of address such as ‘xxx.com/index.html?param=xxx#!/

You have special characters (#!/) in the URL you add, this doesn’t go to ‘/’. You must encode the param via the function encodeURIComponent() before going to the page


I meant it didn’t work in ‘http://xxx.com/index.html?param=xxx’,but worked correctly in ‘http://xxx.com/index.html?param=xxx#!/’; Additionally I used vue+f7-vue ,#!/ will appear in hash mode in vue-router