Understanding React Roadmap


F7 is great. I’ve used v1.X on a number of projects. Lately our company has been converting to React on a number of webapp projects so I was excited to hear that F7 has a React version. The documentation states that it only works with F7 1.X. Digging in a little bit further and following the start guides (create-react-app) it seems to have you use the code from Ben’s github here:

Ben seems to have written the code so that it can return a vue component if using vue and generate react code. I’ve noticed a few bugs but then I started seeing F7 V3 and then I noticed it hasn’t been updated since Nov 8th 2017. So I was wondering if it was abandon?

Then I noticed standard React component classes in F7 v3 beta. which is also exciting and updates are being pushed almost daily.

Thus my question is…what is the roadmap for React and F7? I thought F7 was going strictly Vue, but maybe that is not correct.

Thanks in advance


I completely missed this blog post…


Sorry, nevermind. Looks awesome!!!

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