Unique Links Within Webapp

I am attempting to make unique URLs for each page of my webapp while still keeping it all linked together. Basically what I am trying to get to work is I want to set everything up in Github as a Github Pages webapp that if I click on a table list link it will still retain all of the features that it would if it was set up via routes in JS. So if I have the index page that has a table list on it with “link 1” I want the url to be something like “github.io/home/link-1” so that I can easily link to my file that is being viewed via a separate package manager while the back button in the “link 1” page will still go back to where I was at on the home index. Thank you in advance for any help and my apologies if the question is a bit confusing or has already been asked as I couldn’t find a similar issue in my searching.

Iframe maybe better to get