Unit testing framework7

Hi, love the framework and the mobile friendly apps i can create. However, is there a recommended unit testing framework? I have been hacking around with mocha, chai, enzyme and phantomjs, but running into problems related to routing. I can execute simple tests checking elements and their contents, but when i want test that clicking a Link (in react) loads a new component i get nowhere.
I cannot find testing addressed in the docs anywhere. Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Hey, I’m kind of at the same crossroads here. Using Jasmine + Karma, but ultimately have the same question: Is there any example of unit testing for Framework7? So far, I couldn’t even find unit tests for Framework 7 itself, so we’re a bit in the dark here.

I am in the EXACT same problem. It’s kind of insane that this framework is so allergic to testing. Trying to set up Mocha/Jasmine or Jest on this sucker is insane.

I have trying selenium mocha too. I going crazy.