Unknown characters despite utf-8 metatag


I just started a project using Framework7 Vue (v2).
It all worked fine developing for english customers, but when switching to Swedish all the scandinavian (non ASCII) characters were displayed as unknown chars.

I’m not sure if this has to do with vue itself, F7-vue or webpack, but I really need help here.

As title states, I’m using the following metatag without expected result…

<meta charset="utf-8">

Anyone know how to fix this?

Example of how to reproduce:

    		<f7-block strong>
    				<f7-col width="50">
    					<f7-button fill raised>Stäng</f7-button>
    				<f7-col width="50">
    					<f7-button fill raised>Öppna</f7-button>


Is it a web or cordova app? If webapp, make sure your server has correct encoding

It’s for a Cordova/PhoneGap app, testing locally in browser (IIS). This is my first VUE/Webpack project. Never had problems like these before…

Then check file encodings, must be in UTF-8 as well. There is something wrong with encoding on your side

Yeah, there must be. Turned every stone I can think of though. Only thing left is eventual settings for F7, VUE or Webpack

After two days of struggling I more or less finally figured it out! My IDE (Visual Studio) thought it suitable to suddenly save the .vue files as ANSI instead of UTF-8. :confused:

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