Update client App

Hello guys,

I been create an hybrid app with this framework and compile it with cordova for android (we will deploy it in IOS too), I need know if exist a method for update the app without publish into app store.

Do you mean you will be releasing it on the App Store, but you want to offer updates without using the store’s update system?

Technically this is possible by using Cordova (or whatever your publishing framework is) to download new code from a remote server and install it within your app (while the app is running) by saving it to local storage. However, I imagine Apple wouldn’t be entirely happy about an app circumventing the app store, as it poses a huge security risk. Your app might get removed from the store because of it.

For now I will use only android system without publish into play store, but technically is possible can you exaplaine a bit more the logic behind that? Cordova need a plugin for that? My suppose is to upload a folder in my Web server and everytime I request anything from the server check the version of app then if is older download that and replace it.

Previously you could have used https://github.com/microsoft/cordova-plugin-code-push to achieve this, but Microsoft has recently retired Cordova support from App Center. A similar depreciated plugin would be https://github.com/nordnet/cordova-hot-code-push

In short, you might be better to analyse these older plugins and then create your own. At a basic level you could use File - Apache Cordova to save code to the device, once you have retrieved the code from a network request.