Upgrade to V8, swiper issues

Hello. Moved my FW7.VUE project from v7 to v8 and encountering issues with the new instance of Swiper.
I have added swiper to dependencies, added the registration code to my app.js (after the “import App from ‘…/components/app.vue’;” line), replaced the tags from f7-swiper to swiper-container adn f7-slide to swiper-slide.

Getting the following error:

[Vue warn]: Unhandled error during execution of render function 
  at <SwiperContainer key=1 navigation="" autoHeight=true  ... > 
  at <F7PageContent ptr=false ptrDistance=undefined ptrPreloader=true  ... > 
  at <F7Page name="standings" > 
  at <StandingsOverview key="1706739220049_2" > 
  at <F7View id="view-standings" name="standings" tab=""  ... > 
  at <F7Views tabs="" class="safe-areas" > 
  at <F7App name="Pinball League" theme="auto" store= 

Not sure where to troubleshoot next…

dev instance (version 8) available here:
last working dev instance (version 7) available here:

Thanks in advance for all your insights!

First of all I know nothing about Vue (React fanboy).
Secondly looked at the V7 site and it is quite nice!

Have you looked at the documentation here: Swiper Vue.js Components

I also had issues with Swiper and looking at that documentation helped me.