Upgrade v3 -> latest

I have a fully functional framework7 Vue app originally built in v3.6.7, which now has to be revived. Can anyone recommend an upgrade path, or should I upgrade incrementally through v4 → v8?

From my experience of upgrading from Vue 2 + F7v5 to Vue 3 + F7v8, it was fairly easily with only some pretty straight-forward and minimal refactoring (including Firebase v8 → v9 which was the majority of my effort).

It’ll depend on your project particulars but if you are leaning into the framework without a ton of modification, I’d imagine you can upgrade directly without a lot of breaking changes.

Good luck!

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Thanks @njvan, upgrading through all the versions does seem like a massive distraction, so refactoring directly against v8 makes sense.

Here goes… :grimacing:

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