Upgrading an application with angular to framework7 vue

I working on upgrading an application angular1 + f7 v1 to vue + f7 v2 and I have few questions

I see current app uses heavily framework 7 capabilities such as onPageBeforeAnimation etc.

  • Since vue has its own created/mounted , do I still need those f7 capabilities ?
  • Are there specific situations where vue capabilities doesnt answer ?

Cordova Issue

  • Current v1 application heavily uses Cordova plugins for mobile, I wonder whether f7 v2 provides extra features for mobile ?
  • Does f7 provide everything we need for mobile ?
  • Is it possible to do everything (at least visualityu) without using cordova library et all ?

I have also have some performance/ visuality considerations

By using js+ framework 7 over native mobile languages we already loose some performance, and I wonder if we loose additional performance /visuality by using f7vue. it seems sometimes f7vue is not possible to modify.