Url reload issue

Hello guys, first of all Framework7 is great and you can build any app you can imagine. And there is an issue.
I am building a web app and when I navigate from ‘page-a’ to ‘page-b’ with
It will successfully navigate to ‘page-b’ with ‘var_a=123’ param, so now I am on the ‘page-b’ and when I change param value in a browser url to ‘/page-b/?var_a=125’ and press ‘enter’ it takes me back to ‘page-a’ with ‘/page-b/?var_a=125’ in url and then I need to press ‘enter’ again to take me to ‘/page-b/?var_a=125’. Weird behaviour.

In router I am using ‘componentUrl’, and here is view setup,
var mainView = app.views.create(’.view-main’, {
url: ‘/’,
domCache: true,
pushState: true,
uniqueHistory: true,
transition: ‘f7-dive’,
pushStateRoot: ‘/console/’