Using Alpaca Forms in F7?

I use Alpaca Forms to manage web forms. Alpaca is opensource and very well designed. Form schemas written in json are the definitions of forms (Alpaca has a a sample form builder that demonstrates visual drag-and-drop assembly of a form with UI components to generate the schemas). Schemas are used by Alpaca to automatically display and manage html forms. Since I have already JSON form schemas for Alpaca I would welcome to use “as they are” in Framework7. I can load such forms definitions from a central repository on the fly.

The examples page states:

Alpaca can be used in all kinds of different ways. You can use it to render forms for content creation, editing and read-only display. You can run it with layouts optimized for Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. And you can also load it via AMD or right within a browser.


  1. Has anyone already used Alpaca in F7?
  2. Any idea if it is possible to integrate it and how?
  3. In short : Could we write a F7 layout for Alpaca?

Thanks, jg

Didn’t get deeper into it, but as i understood you just need to specify how this schema will be rendered, where you have to map it to the F7’s form html layout. I believe you need to start from here