Using babel plugin-proposal-optional-chaining with f7 components

how to use this plugin??
i’ve included it into babel.config.js:
module.exports = {

  presets: [

    ['@babel/preset-env', {

      modules: false,

      targets: {

        browsers: [

          'Android >= 7',

          'IOS >= 11',

          'Safari >= 11',

          'Chrome >= 49',

          'Firefox >= 31',

          'Samsung >= 5',





  plugins: [






it’s working inside .js files but not in *.f7.html files (or f7 components)

please add this plugin to next release it’s so handy

Hmm, f7.html files are compiled with babel, and actually you don’t need to include @babel/plugin-proposal-optional-chaining as it is already a part of the @babel/preset-env.

From what i see issue is a bit deeper, will try to figure out how to fix it

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Any update on this? So useful

Update framework7-component-loader to latest, should work correctly there now

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thanks vladimir :smiley: