Using barcode scanner plugin and route / open page


Im using barcodescanner and have a problem (big problem) and is when finish scan i use app.router.navigate(’/scan/’); but all javascript is execute becouse i have console.logs but stay in same page. any one know why or how to use barcode scan and open a page using route?

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You sure you reach the code route ? If so problem is with route only, not with scanner. Can you provide code of full method ?


i just insert the call inside sucess and is working… before i have call a function on sucess and call the route page… but now is working!

working code!

function (result) {
// In this case we only want to process QR Codes
if(result.format == “QR_CODE”){
// This is the retrieved content of the qr code

       //alert("The user has dismissed the scan");
  function (error) {
       //alert("An error ocurred: " + error);