Using f7-vue while navigating to back page .How can I focus on any particulat list item from where I came previously

<f7-list-item v-if=“report && area_code”
v-for="(deficiency,index) in deficiencies"
:link="’/reports/’ + report.$id +’/area-codes/’+ area_code.Id +’/deficiencies/’ +index+’’+deficiency.Id"

From above link I move to next page

And from next page I am going back to previous page


On my previous page I want the scroller to be on the list item . to which I click while going to the next page . Or simply How can I move my scroller to certain point on the list when page loads

Any help is appreciated I have gone the document but could find any solution
PS : I cannot use the f7.router.back(); because that create other problems :slight_smile :slight_smile: