Using infinite scroll with ajax (v2)

Hello everyone,

I figured out how to do Ajax requests and populate a template with Template7. Now I would like to apply infinite scroll to this items list, but I’m getting stuck at it.

Infinite scroll, as documented here, does not appear to get triggered when I try to implement it.

This is my code (without infinite scroll implemented):

Maybe some here have advice how to implement this within the code linked to above?

Help is very much appreciated!

Can’t see any related Infinite Scroll classes on page content, e.g.

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Thanks very much for your reply and url to the kitchen sink example. I will look into that. I had removed the infinite scroll elements from the code because I figured I wasn’t implementing it ‘the right’ way. That’s why I asked for advice on implementation. Thanks again!


Implemented it like this:

Works good. Of course it would be nice to be able to use Template7 within this. Is that possible as well?