Using one tab to navigate outside the <Views>

I would like to add a tab that pushes a page in fullscreen to take a photo.
My code is like:

 return (
        <App params={ f7params }>
            {/* Status bar overlay for fullscreen mode*/ }

            {/* Views/Tabs container */ }
            <Views tabs className="safe-areas">
                {/* Tabbar for switching views-tabs */ }
                <Toolbar tabbar labels bottom>
                    <Link tabLink="#view-home" tabLinkActive iconIos="f7:home_fil" iconAurora="f7:home_fil"
                    <Link iconIos="f7:camera" iconAurora="f7:camera" iconMd="material:camera" href={'/camera/'}/>
                    <Link tabLink="#view-catalog" iconIos="f7:list_fill" iconAurora="f7:list_fill"
                    <Link tabLink="#view-settings" iconIos="f7:settings_fill" iconAurora="f7:settings_fill"

                {/* Your main view/tab, should have "view-main" class. It also has "tabActive" prop */ }
                <View id="view-home" main tab tabActive url="/"/>

                {/* Catalog View */ }
                <View id="view-catalog" name="catalog" tab url="/catalog/"/>

                {/* Settings View */ }
                <View id="view-settings" name="settings" tab url="/settings/"/>

            {/* Camera */}
            <View id="view-camera" name="camera" url="/camera/"/>

If I click on camera’s tab from Home, the behavior is what I want to.
If I change to another tab then click on camera, my perception is that it’s behind all because the nav bar is hidden. If I back to Home, then it appear.

I recorded a video for easy understanding:

There is no such thing as navigating between Views, only between pages within a View. You better to use Popup with camera page

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I will try it. Thank you.