Using PHP effectively in F7

Hello, I really am enjoying playing around with F7 but came across some questions I wanted to ask the creator and some of the advanced users here regarding integrating PHP effectively with F7.

1.) Now I understand that this framework is JS based and to utilize php I have to use Ajax. Now couldn’t I just load an entire PHP page with html markup with Ajax in to an HTML file?

2.) Is there a way to use the .php extensions in an F7 app? (ex.!/page.php)

3.) What is the proper way to pass and get variables set in PHP and then utilize them in F7?

4.) How can PHP Sessions/Cookies work in F7? And if they can’t what would be an alternative method?

5.) Lastly, I am trying to utilize F7 mostly for its CSS styles and Components. Is there any way to make it easier to use pure PHP with by changing F7 settings, turning off router, etc.? Any other tips?

I know some of these questions may be a bit basic or somewhat answered before. I just was hoping to get some things answered a bit more in depth if possible. Thanks, I appreciate it!

why using php instead html ? .

nowadays i wont using php btw , nodejs is awesome for serverside.

I use PHP for a lot of my app logic and communication to my database.

It’s just a preference for the apps I make and I was curious how I could unite both PHP and F7 but it is looking like that can’t happen properly.

what do u mean PHP and F7 mate ? create mobile apps with PHP ???

The best way will be to create an API on php and just call APIs when you needed. If you prefer old way of doing things, then you need to disable F7 router in View parameters and use it like you expect