Using Vue can't render multiple components with props

Using Vue 2 and F7-Vue, vue-cli, and webpack-simple

I am trying to pass array items as props from parent to multiple children using a v-for. Each child is an iteration of single vue component.

For this example, I have two files: Grid.vue (parent) and Item.vue (children)

The problem is that only the last item in the array renders. However, I can see all of them in vue dev tools. All of the data is making it to the un-rendered children.

How do I get ALL of the array item/components to render?

I’m 90% certain that I’m missing something obvious…

link to pages in repo here:
Grid.vue && Item.vue

Nevermind! I solved it!

I just had to leave out the <f7-page>...</f7-page> tag on the child components.