V1 Swiper slide next and previous change image event alert


Is it possible to get alert change image with swipe image other wise next and previous button click form V1 framework7.

I need your help.

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Subhash Patel

Didn’t get, what do you mean?

Please, give me more details

@Ezequiel_Cardoso, @nolimits4web thanks for reply

Please check below url and some details

I need when swipe image then get alert event. Is it possible?

URL: http://v1.framework7.io/docs/swiper.html

Check the Swiper v3 api that is used in F7 v1 https://github.com/nolimits4web/swiper/blob/Swiper3/API.md, you need to use onSlideChangeStart or onSlideChangeEnd callback

@nolimits4web thanks