[v1] Tabs swippeable + swiper slider // problem

Hi Vladimir, I don’t want to create you a bug, because this version is too old, but I have an app that I can’t migrate right now.
The problem is that:

I’ve got a tabs-swipeable and inside a swiper slider.

When I swiped the slider, the tab moves as it’s expected by the tabs-swipeable.

I tried to use tabs-animated but the problems in my case are:

  • I’ve got a fab button on each tab.
  • the fab button didn’t stay attached to each tabs. They display all in the first tab, one over the other.
  • The scrolling

What else can I do? my customer needs to have an slider in the mainpage, and I prefer to use your slider instead another plugin

Make sure your Tab has position: relative property

Same as in v2/3, make it page-content


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Thanksssss Vladimir!