V2 Any incremental picker selector feature in Framework7 to use inside a popup or popover as a selector as shown in the picture?

We are using framework7 to develop a flight system and we will like know if framework7 can add some component that I think it is very useful like a picker for selecting in these case persons type in a selection… inside a popup or popover page.

here the image shown what I mean:

it will be nice to know how to use framework7 to do this type of selectors like incremental pickers inside a page selector…

any ideas of this component? or should we create this component ourselves to add this feature? it will be nice f7 can has this type of pickers too

Not yet, but this component is on the way. At the moment only custom implementation required

thanks it will be nice to have this component in F7 :slight_smile: at a near future I think it is very useful!
thanks for considering it!