V2 - Calendar Open in Modal - how to add backdrop?

Hi guys, I’m using the Calendar Open in Modal from the example in the docs, I was wondering if there is a way to add a backdrop when opens? Like side-panel. Because when you click outside the Calendar and hit a link it will navigate or perform some action.

I tried to add ‘backdrop : true’ on the parameters, but doesn’t work.

<div class="block-title">Open in Mondal</div>
<div class="list no-hairlines-md">
      <div class="item-content item-input">
        <div class="item-inner">
          <div class="item-input-wrap">
            <input type="text" placeholder="Select date" readonly="readonly" id="demo-calendar-modal"/>
var calendarModal = app.calendar.create({
  inputEl: '#demo-calendar-modal',
  openIn: 'customModal',
  backdrop: true,
  closeByOutsideClick: true,
  header: true,
  headerPlaceholder: "Calendario",
  footer: true,
  toolbarCloseText: "Cerrar",
  monthNames: ['Enero', 'Febrero', 'Marzo', 'Abril', 'Mayo', 'Junio', 'Julio', 'Agosto' , 'Septiembre' , 'Octubre', 'Noviembre', 'Diciembre'],
  dayNamesShort: ['Dom', 'Lun', 'Mar', 'Mie', 'Jue', 'Vie', 'Sáb'],
  dateFormat: 'dd MM yyyy',