[v2] Errors may occur when use router component with the optional parameter “alias”!

Something is wrong if you used the property alias for routs defining.

When i defined routes like this:

    path: '/t/',
    alias: [
    componentUrl: './t.html',
    name: 'test'

and made links in page.

<a href="/t1/111">test1</a>
<a href="/t2/222">test2</a>

If i click ‘test1’ ,there is no problem: params just is one object was passed as
But when i click ‘test2’
What’s happened?
There are two objects in one collection passed

Is there any better way be solution without changing routes to a huge objects collection?

What is the point of this? You can just have single route with optional parameters by adding ? to the end of it:

path: '/t/:foo?'

The key is:
If you want to pass parameters through router components,
Errors may occur when routing tables use the optional parameter “alias”.

I defined routes as

var routes = [
path: '/some-page/',
    alias: [
    componentUrl: './some-page.html',

I want to go some-page with passing parameter as

{ param3:‘passed3’ }

click on the link as

<a href="/some-page3/passed3/">button</a>

The unwanted parameter was passed through route.params

{ param1:‘passed3’,param2:undefined,param3:undefined }

Ok, will check it. Maybe an issue somewhere. But it is still better to add different route. You can do it with func to avoid a lot of extra code:

function somePageRoute(path) {
  return {
    path: path,
    componentUrl: './some-page.html',
var routes = [

Thx for helping!
Be better,
Because i want to get diff obj via route.params at same page from diff path.
It works!