[v2] f7-actions events not triggering and error occurs on clicking at button

I have used this example and cannot catch close and opening event
<f7-actions @actions:open="onEvent" @actions:opened="onEvent" @actions:close="onEvent" @actions:closed="onEvent" @actions:opened="actionsStatus">
<f7-actions-label @click="doNothing" close>Hello</f7-actions-label>
<f7-actions-button @click="doNothing" close>Button 1</f7-actions-button>
<f7-actions-button @click="doNothing" close>Button 2</f7-actions-button>
<f7-actions-button color="red" bold @click="doNothing" close>Cancel</f7-actions-button>

How can i catch closed event?

And there are errors occur on clicking at actions button, as below

Am I missing something?