[v2] Is common navbar is still supported?

In migration blog post is said that “Navbar must be always a direct child of the page”.

But in documentation there’s an example of a navbar outside of a page element.

I created an demo with a navbar outside of page element and is not working.

Is the doc outdated or still possible to use a common navbar in a view?

Docs says:

If we need only one common navbar for all pages

In case you will have one Navbar for all pages. But if you use iOS theme and iosDynamicNavbar then it will work as before

Thanks. In this demo: https://codepen.io/blikblum/pen/EQYrKr i put a common navbar inside the view element and each page without a navbar.

In the first page it appears but the title is not centered. And the navbar is hidden when the second page is show.

Was using a beta version updated to 2.0.7 and now the navbar does not shows at all. A class navbar-hidden is applied to the navbar element. If i remove the navbar is show normally

Is it a bug?

Using f7 2.0.7

Set iosDynamicNavbar: false on view init. Otherwise, if you need it different for pages, then put it under page as docs suggests