[v2] Is the a BeforeRemove action for smart select list popups available to detect when closing it?

I do not know if is it possible to detect when closing a smart select list popup…

I have a smart select list popup with radio and checkbox options… on close this smart select list popup I need to be able to update the previous page with the selected options on close…

is there any BeforeRemove action for smart select list popups available or something similar to use to filter the current page from the smart select list popup ?

I mean I close the smart select list popup with the selected options I need to filtering the current page
and when close I run an action to filter my selection on this page…

I think the best behaviour will be that when closing the popups or over modals windows there will be a BeforeRemove functions available for this popups or modals so I can run some code when turning back to the page after popup or modal close…

in this case it will be receiving all selected options made in the modal or popup and refresh the parent page with this new options filtering the data to show…

I will appreciate any info for V2 how to achieve this… using modal or popups!
best regards

Yes, there is a smartselect:closed DOM event will be fired on smart select HTML element (link with “smart-select”) class

$(‘.smart-select’).on(‘smartselect:closed’, …)

is there a Callback function for v2 that can will be triggered during search (search field change) like onSearch in v.1.6.8 ?

onSearch not working in v.2 I wonder if this changed … what is the use in v2?


I found this solution now using jquery form:

$(’.searchbar-input-wrap input[type=search]’).on(‘input’, function() {
// do something
val = $(’.searchbar-input-wrap input[type=search]’).val();
if (val.length < 1)
console.log(‘not empty’);


but it will be nice to find out which callback function works for this in v2

also how can I use this the search bar parameters in v2?


for instance onSearch onEnable etc…