[v2] Load prerendered template to view from router

I want to load a template via ajax through my routes.

This is my sub routes object and I’m trying to load the template as a string via ajax.

async:function (routeTo, routeFrom, resolve, reject) {
// Router instance
var router = this;
var lectionId = routeTo.params.lectionId;

                   // App instance
                  var app = router.app;

                   // Show Preloader

                   app.request.get('/GameOn/Lection/' + lectionId+'/play', function (data) {

                           template: data,

This is my template:

<div class="page" data-name="play-lection">
    <div class="navbar">
        <div class="navbar-inner sliding">
            <div class="left">
                <a class="back link" data-ignore-cache="true" data-force="true">
                    <i class="icon icon-back"></i>
                    <span class="ios-only">Back</span>
            <div class="title">Lektionen zu </div>
    <div class="page-content">
        <div class="block">
            <div class="block">

I’m using the tabbed-view layout template from the docs. I can’t load this template into any view, not with the data-name attribute nor with the data-view attribute.

I would like to know how to load the template into a view.