[v2] messages & messagebar - emoji support


have any of you guys tried or have any idea how to add/make support for emojis in messages/messagebar components?

Thanks for suggestions…


What do you mean? Default system emojis are supported

how they are supported? How to get to them to show in messages?
I tried (without spaces :slight_smile: ):
: )
: - )
: smile :

without success, they stay as they are (browser, chrome) and they are not replaced with graphical representations…
I am looking more for a solution like in FB messenger where also in “messagebar” they are replaced with graphics and to have a “emoji” icon in messagebar where you get a layer/slider/whatever with all emojis to select.

I am still looking on possible implementations…

I mean the default ones

They work. But you are talking about emoji parser/converter. That is a different case, there is no support for this

Something like this https://github.com/frissdiegurke/emoji-parser/blob/master/README.md

aha :)… so it works in phone - didn’t test it there yet, just in browser.

OK, then I will try to make one…

No :) this one is not supported. I mean if you add it with phone emoji keyboard, it will be there. The parsing is different story, check the link, there are a lot of libs for this