V2 performance on device

im experiencing some performance issue, but my v1 app were fast and performing well, in v2 something i feel not good on device, here is the issues i found on devices

  1. sometimes links/button taking too long to open page,
  2. button /list click does not show touch effect sometimes,
  3. back links need multiple clicks sometime to go back

, please help me to fix these issues and improve my app performance

If it is a Android Cordova app, then it is highly recommended to use Crosswalk webview. But Android in general doesn’t have good performance

This response lacks credibility. First, the question is v1 versus v2 responsiveness. There is a noticeable degradation as I have discovered myself. It has nothing to do with the Android webview (btw crosswalk is obsolete and unsupported for a year now). To say Android doesn’t have good performance is just silly. If you can’t figure out how to make v2 as responsive to touch events as v1 just say so, don’t point people at useless remedies.

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To be honest didn’t know that Crosswalk is dead, but it is still actual and I have recently used it in few client apps, results were good. It is still in the game because there is huge Android fragmentation and there are still old android devices.

As for performance, it is true, Androids webview is a way much slower and less responsive than iOS one. But it also depends on Android device