V2 Picker inside of the Popup, how put the Picker in modal mode?

how can I open a Picker component in modal mode inside to a Popup component? Is this possibile?
For open the popup I use the following code:

app.popup.create($.extend( {}, {
content : … ,
on: { … }
})).open() ;

while for open the Picker the code is:

pickerDescribe = app.picker.create({
            inputEl: '#sample-selected',
            openIn: 'sheet',
            rotateEffect: true,
            routableModals : false,
            closeByOutsideClick : false,
            cols: [
                textAlign: 'left',
                values: ...
                textAlign: 'rigth',
                values: ...
          pickerDescribe.open() ;

In the example https://jsfiddle.net/vf4hpa1p/7/, with the Picker opened I can anyway push the “Done” nav button :frowning:

Someone can help me?

Didn’t get what you mean, but it looks more like a design issue, can’t see much sense in opening popup and picker at the same time, why? Maybe it is better than to put inline picker inside of popup below the input field?

Ok, thanks. I try to review the application components design.

Is it possible to open the Picker inside an Dialog or in a small window on top of rest?