[V2] searchbar with virtual-list, check box filters and blank search

I took the example code for a virtual list; which works great. I expanded it to handle an array of objects.This is all working in template created in my routes.js.

I have some extra form elements (checkboxes), which act as filters on the virtual list.

So in my searchAll function everything runs fine, as long as I enter text in the searchbar. If I force a search from the console, with text it works (text, checkbox filters etc) without text… no.

If I take the text check out of the searchAll and use on the checkboxes as a filter, it does the same.

MyApp.searchbar.get(".searchbar").search(""); //doesn’t fire search
MyApp.searchbar.get(".searchbar").search(“Alex”); //works and SearchAll.


  1. is there a way to force the searchbar (with a virtual-list) to accept “” / empty strings on search?
  2. I also would like to trigger the search checkbox filters when the page starts up, where is the best place to do this? (I don’t want the whole virtual list display on initial startup.

Thanks for reading,