[v2] set the default value in the prompt dialog box

How to set the default input value in the prompt dialog box?

I want to ask something similar.

Anyone know how to set placeholder and auto focus in the prompt dialog box?

I’m using dialog app method within framework7-Vue v2.

Could you be more specific? Details…

app.dialog.alert('My text...');

// Prompt
$$('.open-prompt').on('click', function () {
  app.dialog.prompt('What is your name?', function (name) {
    app.dialog.confirm('Are you sure that your name is ' + name + '?', function () {
      app.dialog.alert('Ok, your name is ' + name);

How to set ‘name’ default ? I waht to have a default value in the input line

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var dialog = app.dialog.prompt('Enter your name');
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Thank you very much, Vladimir