[v2] Swipeable tabs hide its content when switching on iOS

I have an F7-based Cordova app for iOS. This app contains 2 swipeable tabs, each tab is a list of several items.

I have used a Single View template from Official Starter Templates list. Also I have followed “Swipeable Tabs” subsection from Examples.

When I run an app on device, switching tabs by segmented buttons hides tab content (lists). Exact steps to reproduce:

  1. Click “TAB 2” button. You’ll see the second list of data.
  2. Click “TAB 1”. You will see light-grey content instead of list of data. On real device it is demonstrated for split second, on simulator it can be shown for indeterminate time (e.g., until I perform scroll gesture on this panel or click button).

If I use swipes to change tabs (instead of segmented buttons), tabs switching works well.
If I reduce the number of list items so that it fits screen height, everything works OK too.

How can I avoid it?

Screencasting from iPhone simulator: https://youtu.be/Oc05sYR9x7E

Repository demonstrating an issue: https://github.com/contfedorov/F7TabsIssue
This is all I have in my www folder of Cordova app. In my real app, I have some more layout and js logic, but this is the smallest example demonstrating an issue.

Framework7 version: 2.0.8
Cordova version: 7.0.1
Cordova iOS platform version: 4.4.0
XCode version: 9.2 (9C40b)

Testing devices/simulators:
iPhone 7/8 with iOS 11.2 (simulators)
Phone 6/7 (will clarify iOS version later)

Do you use WKWebView? If not, i recommend you to try it out

No, still UIWebView.
According to your experience, does it work well for Cordova apps?