[v2] tab as page

hi, i have problem in here. How do I initialize a tab as a page? so for example, to set a specific page using the following functions.

$$(document).on('page:init', '.page[data-name="favorite"]', function (e) { }

I have already set up parts of routes for the tab page like this.

      path: '/',
      url: 'index.html',
      tabs: [
            path: '/',
            id: 'tab-1'
            path: '/tab-2/',
            id: 'tab-2',
            url: 'favorit.html'

Please help me and I hope you understand what I mean :disappointed_relieved:. and thank you in advance

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Nope, tab as a page is not supported. Tab must be inside of page

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thank you, but i have one question.

how to keep html element if i change to another tab ? as I know, the use of routable tabs will remove the entire html element if moved to other tabs. and I would like the html element with proceedings of the ajax request is not deleted on the previous tab. as the cache.

my routale tabs same as first post.

View has unloadTabContent parameter http://framework7.io/docs/view.html#view-parameters Just set it to false

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but I just want specific tab routable. like just home. I want to build the app like Instagram.

No, view as routable tabs are not supported. Just use usual tabs there, if it is a mobile app, you don’t need them to be routable

oh okay, thank you so much bro :+1: