[V2] Vi not work on mobile

im interesting with framework7 V2 , and im trying to download v2.0.6 from here Github , i put at cordova directory , try running on browser , seems work for ‘page Vi’ , but when im trying to run at device . like cordova run android --device OR build for release , routes for ‘Vi’ not work, im click and nothing happen.

console.log say :
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ( –> on file framework7.js:1419
Uncaught TypeError: Property ‘f7_component_callback_1515948662200’ of object [object global] is not a function –> on file framework7.js:5005

What is in your page component? And do you see any other errors in console? Other routes work?

@nolimits4web no , i dont change any code from download(source at github v2.0.6) , just copy js and css from /dist folder to cordova directory, and copy index.html at kitchen-sink … running on web/browser is work… but at device, cant open page / route

So the issue is not about VI, but for all routes, you can’t load anything, right? Try to start from this template then https://github.com/framework7io/framework7-template-single-view

Also make sure that you have correct Cordova whitelist congif in your config.xml, try also on Android emulator, does it work there?

im using real device … all route/page can open but not work ONLY for route/page Vi , but when im run on browser (cordova run browser) , all works

need an external script from http://c.vi-serve.com/viadshtml/vi.min.js
make sure your device is “connected”