[V2-Vue] F7-Swiper wont autoplay

here my code

<f7-swiper navigation :params="{speed:500, slidesPerView: 1, spaceBetween: 20}" :autoplay="{delay:200,disableOnInteraction:false}">

for :params , yes its working , but i want for autoplay , follow docs from http://idangero.us/swiper/api/

change my code to :

<f7-swiper navigation :params="{slidesPerView: 1, spaceBetween: 20,autoplay:true,disableOnInteraction: false,clickable: true,delay: 2500}">

autoplay work when mount , navigation work, BUT when im click navigation , autoplay is stopped.


Autoplay parameters must be under main parameters:

<f7-swiper navigation :params="{speed:500, slidesPerView: 1, spaceBetween: 20, autoplay: { delay: 200, disableOnInteraction:false }}" >...
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okay sir, thanks in advance , works like a charm!