[V2 Vue] Virtual List when back from route, why change position?

following this instructions http://v2.framework7.io/vue/virtual-list.html , success showing data, success clicking detail from list . BUT WHEN IM BACK FROM DETAIL , my virtual list always scroll everywhere he want ! .

little snippets

   <f7-list-item :style="`top: ${vlData.topPosition}px`" v-for="(item, index) in vlData.items" :key="index" :link="'/edit_member/'+item.idmember+'/'">


Can’t replicate it with latest version, there could be something else causing this. Will be good to see more complete example

i have got the same problem, im working on a project with F7 version 4.2.0 when click on some item and it goes to another page everything is fine, but when click on back link the virtual list scroll to the item’s position that i clicked on the first time and no the present position.
Something weird is if you click on an one of the first items on screen works fine

this is an example, scroll to item 34 click on it, then come back from detail page, then scroll up to item 3 and click on it, when you come back from detail VL scroll to item 34.

ps: on the main page clink on list link

i dont using virtual list and no problem ,

btw ur jsfiddle using react , and render using basic HTML ? why ?