[v3.2] PhotoBrowser not showing video

I’m trying to add a video to the PhotoBrowser. On iOS, the PhotoBrowser stays white.

I use the following code to load the PhotoBrowser:

$$('.gallery-card').each(function( index, object ) {
    if (object.dataset.mediaType == 'image') {
        photosUrl[index] = {url: object.dataset.url};
    } else if (object.dataset.mediaType == 'video') {
        photosUrl[index] = {html: '<video src="' + object.dataset.url + '"></video>'};

var photoBrowser = app.photoBrowser.create({
    photos : photosUrl

I’m on Framework7 3.2

If you inspect opened photo browser slide with video, do you see video tag there?

Yes and it highlights a 100% width box with some height. However, nothing in box.

I found the problem. The video tag must contain the “controls” option: