V3 F7 disable material ripple

I have v3.3.2 installed and i’m trying to disable the material design ripple affects but its not working for me. What am i doing wrong?

I’m following the vue setup guides : Init vue app, App-parameters

// app.vue file
export default {
            name: 'App',
            data() {
                return {
                    // Framework7 parameters here
                    f7params: {
                        id: "com.cordova.myID", // App bundle ID
                        name: "MyName", // App name
                        theme: "auto", // Automatic theme detection
                        version: '0.0.3', // Version of app running
                        routes: routes, // App routes
                       touch: {
                           materialRipple: false
                       on: {
                           pageInit: function (page) {
                               // @TODO - check if user is logged in or not.

Code is correct and must work. Otherwise would be good to see live example or JSFiddle with the issue where it doesn’t work