[V3] How can I specify swipe direction in router

In my app I have a toolbar with a button that brings to the home page
All pages are loaded with a swipe animation from left to right but I would like to hav the opposite animation on home button, the same used for back ( from right to left )

Can I specify the animation on router? Where can I find a list of alla animations?

I’m using iOS theme

	name: 'home',
	path: '/home/',
	url: '/index.html',

Router transition can only happen in direction:

  • forward - if you load new page
  • backward - if you go back in history

Maybe you are looking for animated tabs? http://framework7.io/docs/tabs.html#animated-tabs

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No I’m using toolbar at bottom of the app

so is not possibile to trigger backward animation when I tap the buttons instead a forward

No, animation direction is based on the navigation history

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