V3 - iOS - Autocomplete + Searchbar - Visualization problem

Hello community!

I am creating an App with FWK7 V 3.6.7, md theme.

By displaying the results of a search in the Autocomplete dropdown, I can display the results only when the input has focus and the keyboard is displayed. The space that remains on the screen is very small and when trying to scrolle it is very uncomfortable, because it takes the scroll of the page-content from behind and sometimes, that of the “autocomplete-dropdown” but causes the header to disappear.

On iOS devices: is there any way to keep the results from showing by hiding the keyboard? On Android devices it behaves correctly and the instantiation / configuration of the controls is the same.

Someone could help me?

Thank you. Regards, Fabricio.

No, it work only when focused. If you not happy with that behavior you can try to use standalone Autocomplete (in Popup or Page)

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It is clear, Vladimir. I will consider your suggestion.

Thank you very much for your prompt response.