[V3] Kitchen sink Vue doubt

I decided to do a test of the new V3 with Vue, but I can not go forward, is it an environment configuration error?

Windows 10

Error video

This … is object rest spread ES-next syntax, if you use babel you need to add/enable this transform https://babeljs.io/docs/plugins/transform-object-rest-spread/

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But I did not make any changes, I just cloned the github directory, could you explain more to me what kind of error this is?

Thank you!

I have cloned this directory.

Hi @JhowJhoe
I made a test template f7-v3 vue webpack. Just for testing purposes.


That is right, the esm package of f7-vue has this syntax by default. So its transform must be enabled on your side on code bundling/transpilation stage, @pvtallulah has correct setup for this transform in this babel config https://github.com/pvtallulah/f7-v3-vue-webpack-template/blob/master/.babelrc

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Thanks @nolimits4web

I love working with framework7 in my projects and I want to upgrade to V3-vue and follow a new concept of work.

Many thanks also @pvtallulah I already gave a fork in git and I’m watching the project.

I’ll test the example above.

Framework7 :clap: