[V3] use iOS theme on android

Almost finished my App developed with iOS theme
On Android device it does king of a mess
I include only iOS style

<link rel="stylesheet" href="lib/framework7/css/framework7.ios.min.css">

some component like toolbar float to the top on Android and it seems that something is in front of my page hiding links

Is i manually add ios class with Chrome inspector on HTML element everything seems to work fine
I can I do it via code? Any option in init class?

I try to add the class with jQuery at $(document).ready but it seems to be overwritten

if you mean to make your app just show ios theme add this line in app.js
// Theme
var theme = β€˜ios’;

it works fine for me

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where do you add this?
and where do you use that variable?


it can be specify on app initialization

var app = new Framework7({
  // App root element
  root: '#app',
  // App Name
  name: 'My App',
  // App id
  id: 'it.myapp.app',
  // Enable swipe panel
  panel: {
    swipe: 'left',
  theme: 'ios'
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did it work ? …

Yes, at least it seems on chrome, but you need to add inside the initialization
Look at my code example

i use v4 so the location is different,