V4: Navbar Tooltip Auto-Initialized Issue in iOS theme

Thanks so much, @nolimits4web, for really incredible framework ever!

Tooltip auto-initialized with tooltip-init and data-tooltip=“Some text” in navbar in iOS theme not displayed.
In MD theme as well as in iOS theme in page content all correct.

Slightly modified snippet from kitchen-sink/core/pages/tooltip.html doesn’t work as expected in iOS theme (i.e. tooltip Go back! not displayed):

  <div class="page">
    <div class="navbar">
      <div class="navbar-inner sliding">
        <div class="left">
          <a href="#" class="link back tooltip-init" data-tooltip="Go back!">
            <i class="icon icon-back"></i>
            <span class="ios-only">Back</span>

Yes, see the issue in F7 with it. You can use manual init like in Kitchen Sink. Will be fixed in next update

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Yes, manual init works like a charm, but i’d better wait for auto-init fix.
God bless you, Vlad! :blush: