V4. Routing issue when panel with history=false used

The main goal is to eliminate panel from browser’s history while other pages are to be there.

Demonstration at https://jsfiddle.net/30b49ako/2/

Press on [Page No.1] (or [Page No.2]), then on [Settings] to display right panel with history: false, then press on [close] in the panel’s navbar, and then press on [Home] to return to the main page but we aren’t able to and still at the page No.1.
If [Settings] pressed again, closed and [Home] pressed after that, route to the main page re-established!
Uncomment pushState: true, in app.views.create(’.view-main’… to spy upon f7router-view_main-history variable in Local Storage and see its strange changes upon Settings panel closing. This is the key to fix, I hope :wink:
Unfortunately, I can’t force JSFiddle to support F7’s pushState :confused:

Don’t disable history, otherwise you won’t be able to go back. Just use pushState: true/false, and on convert Panel’s close link to router “back” link with data-push-state="false"

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Thanks for your answer, Vladimir. But all my attempts (how I’ve realized your advice) were not successfull with routing after panel closing :frowning:
So, let the panel be in browser history :slight_smile: