V4 to v5 panel question

Hi, I’m trying to move from v4 to 5 and read the docs about panels being changed etc.

While I understand the rational the docs doe not appear to be updated and my panels, that relied on things like


No longer work and I get an error message

app.panel.enableSwipe is not a function

The docs do not appear to be updated for v5, so it still mentioned a limit of 2 panels, as well as setting up the panels via the app params like

panel: {
swipe: ‘left’


Basically, we need this accessible progamatically but cant seem to find the right way to do it.


Documentation is fully valid except this part:

If you need to do it for left panel, then for example:

var panel = app.panel.get('.panel-left');

Ok, thanks! That makes sense.